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The Zanzibar Post

These are the top ten photographs from my trip to Zanzibar. I Interned in Africa with Mambo Magazine.

Thanks to my editors Rachel Hamada and Jaki Sainsbury, I had the experience of a lifetime!


Oh! Zanzibar.


Vivid memories in my mind,
More special than gifts in kind, you blow me away while holding my hand,
Boy, is it fun living on an island!


Two faced tide.

Two Faced Tide

This photograph, taken from the Forhodani Park in Stone Town, Zanzibar, showcases the simple life of the fishing community here.

Every morning they head out with their sails open while the sun is still yawning into its rise.

They return with the days catch in the evening, fresh and ready to go onto any of the stalls which line the lanes of the park.


A day in the life of Zanzibar.A day in the life of Zanzibar

Early in the morning, this sea weed farmer works on her square of the seaweed plantation.

In Zanzibar, the women mostly farm seaweed to sell to pharmaceutical firms from Japan and other oriental countries, where seaweed is used for skin treatments.




The Swahili children use the phrase to welcome tourists as they venture into the comfort zone of  Zanzibari culture.

The Swahili spirit of cheer and goodwill is every where to be seen and experienced on this African wonder island.


Early coastal morning.Early coastal morning

A local fisherman embarks on his fishing trip for the day on the east coast of Zanzibar.

The image was clicked just before sunrise from my hotel room on Pongwe beach.

The image showcases the life of Zanzibaris local to coastal villages on the island.


Seaweed Prowess.Seaweed Prowess

Zanzibari women are experts at farming this crop of the ocean.

Seaweed farming is a small industry in and around Zanzibar and is a slowly vanishing practice.

The new generation of women prefer to work in hotels and other such ventures in the tourism industry as it is easy money.

If not preserved, this form of cash crop production will seize to exist here.


The Livingstone Beach Cafe.The Livingstone Beach Cafe

THE place to spend dusk sipping on a pint of Tanzanian lager.

A people watchers’ den.


The penultimate eve.The penultimate eve

Kendwa is easily the most scenic part of Zanzibar.

My second to last evening here was a melange of a great sunset, very beautiful people and amazing energy.

With the cricket world cup on, the party was at a whole new level.



Riding across the island.Riding across the island

Zanzibar and it’s long, straight, smooth and soulful roads just deserve a ride on two wheels.

This time straight across the island, from Paje to Stone Town and back.



The African affair

Every day is a new discovery, every minute is a new realization.

Oh Zanzibar, don’t make me fall in love.

With you, every day is a new affair.


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  1. manohar

    love the way you created a story out of it… way to go bro…

    May 14, 2011 at 3:46 am

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