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Weapons of change:

Oh yeah, our equipment is the best there is. From cameras to workstations, brand vehicles to field communication, we use the best out there. We push our equipment to the absolute limit, only the best gear can survive on the road to Nirvana!

We do not stand for rental equipment. In our experience, rentals can spring up unpleasant surprises when in the thick of it. We’re in it to win it, no compromises.

What we use:


The Nikon D800 has stood by us on every major assignment. From the Himalayas of Nepal to the Sands of the Thar Desert, this one has seen it all.

The Nikon D700: We started using this bad boy in the forests of Africa! From the get-go, the 700s have outperformed expectations, dig it!

The Nikon D300s: Combat veteran. Our 300 has seen some scary days on the field. Always willing, always ready and thus stands guard on every mission.

Adventure Cameras:

We use an army of the latest GoPro devices for when it gets too risky. We’ve played with these since the original GoPro Hero!


Apple fanboys/fangirls. Macs, Macbooks and iPads; you name it. And then we squeeze the Adobe Creative Cloud for all its juice ;).

The Nirvana Garage:

Hardcore motoring and the passion to explore is what drives us and our work here at theroadtonirvana.com. Here’s a list of what we use to get the job done.

Mahindra Thar: Kalmoohi, as we call her affectionately is our convoy lead. A 4×4 capable jeep, she can hold her own on any highway and even off road.

Maruti Suzuki Alto Lxi:  Ultimate in practicality, our Alto gives us the maximum bang for buck! Amazing economy and ever-so-reliable!

Royal Enfield Machismo 350 LB:  Director Nipun Srivastava’s personal dirt racing steed, this motorcycle has won its share of dirt races, hell yeah!

Royal Enfield Classic 500 EFI: Ladakh, Rajasthan, Nepal and everywhere else, she’s our two wheeled international tourer. Director’s pet.

Get in touch: hotshots@theroadtonirvana.com