Driven by IMAGE DRIVERS (India)


Commercial Automotive Photography

We love shooting vehicles: cars, motorcycles, supercars or even exotics, our automotive photography is unparalleled. We conceptualize our automotive shoots tuned totally to the client brief and no stone is left unturned to deliver the best images. All our images are one hundred percent original and non composite!

Commercial Travel Photography

We’ll travel and we’ll shoot, bringing you the best travel images and stories from around the globe.  Magazines, Broadsheet or Tabloids; whatever your requirement we deliver the best content for your pages! Living the dream is our day job ;). 

Automotive Reviews

We specialize in OEM centric automotive reviews. Putting a vehicle through its paces and defining what ‘living’ with a vehicle truly embodies is an art we’re great at. Our long term performance reviews are kept completely confidential for our clients, whether an OEM or otherwise. It’s these honest, real and hard hitting reviews which help clients understand the end user’s perception and reactions to a particular product. All of it, right from the horse’s mouth!

Travel Reviews

Hotels/Airlines/Charters:  We experience, review and provide your brand with a comprehensive insight about how it really feels to stand in a consumer’s shoes whilst on your playground. Again, we keep this information confidential for our clients. We also do brand-specific articles/photography for publication.

Automotive Events

Vehicle launches, experience drives or any kind of event which involves bringing consumers and products in close proximity with each other, we execute. Rest assured, the cliches are left out of this process for the benefit of motoring in India. We don’t do the mundane and predictable.

Travel Events

Super luxury travel, Adventure road trips and cross country branding exercises. Our travel events ooze class and quality. The ideas that come out when we’ve got on our thinking caps are breathtakingly refreshing. Talk to us for more on what it is we could do for you!

Commercial Video Production

This part is awesome. With the advent of video capable DSLRs, GoPro devices and DJI Gadgets, we’ve thrown the gauntlet in the face of traditional video production. Our videos are all the adjectives you can think of, rolled into one. We specialize in motoring, adventure, real estate and travel videos.

Branding (Automotive & Travel)

If you’re an automotive or travel brand, give us an hour of your time. Meet with us and judge for yourself how TheNirvanaTeam can take your brand stratospheric.

Product Reviews

We tend to use a lot of electronic and photographic tools. Apart from being people who worship equipment, we’re also great at reviewing the stuff we use. Cameras, lenses, computers, workstations, mobile devices, storage devices, camera bags, tripods, bluetooth/wifi devices oh lord you name it. If it has something to do with photography, travel or motoring – we use it and can assist brands in accurately valuating and positioning their products.

We’re based at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Do give us a buzz and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!