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From toe to teeth, we’ve kitted out Mr. Nipun Srivastava’s beloved 4×4 Mahindra Thar!

Check out the FULL build and Installation video here!


Off-Road LED Lights: DENALI Electronics D7 and D4 Light Pods.

Horn: DENALI Soundbomb Dual Tone Air Horn.

Winch: WARN ZEON 8000.

Tires: Cooper Tires Discoverer STT Pro.

Wheels: High Quality Imported 8J Steel Rims – 15″.

Hard Top: Bimbra 4×4 FRP V2.

Hood Latches: Mopar.

Spare Wheel Cover: ARMORO.

Door Hinge Steps: PRAD 4×4.

Bumpers: Mahindra Customisation (TNT Garage upgunned).

Rock Sliders: Bimbra 4×4 (TNT Garage upgunned).

Snorkel: Mahindra Customisation (TNT Garage Upgunned).

Custom Mounting Brackets: TNT Garage (@thenirvanateam).

Thermo-Acoustic Damping: DAMPMAT.

Mr. Nipun is already planning his next visit to the TNT Garage for even more intricate mods!

Mr. Mahesh Narayan & his BMW R1200GS

Rolled into our lot for a complete accessories makeover of the BMW R1200GS Motorcycle! His dream machine received all of our Lead Technician’s attention over the course of the day, painstakingly completing the installation of all premium motorcycling accessories from SW-Motech.


  1. Upper Crash Bars
  2. Lower Crash Bars
  3. Cylinder Head Guards
  4. Engine/Sump Guard
  5. Barkbusters with VPS Handguards
  6. Axle Sliders
  7. Drive Shaft Slider

Mr. Narayan was then requested to ride his motorcycle for a distance of 100kms and revisit for a free Re-Torque on all installed accessories.

Just a small gesture from our team towards making sure he rides with total confidence!

Mr. Nipun Srivastava and his BMW R1250GS

Our pet project. Working on Mr. Nipun’s 1250GS has been one of the most challenging and satisfying jobs we have ever undertaken! ALL parts were installed within an 18 hour period with a full film crew shooting our work, alongside. The Birth of the TNT GARAGE!


  1. Lower Crash Guards
  2. Engine/Sump Guard
  3. Front axle Sliders
  4. Side Stand Foot Enlarger
  5. Windscreen Reinforcement
  6. Brake Cylinder Guard Rear
  7. Rear brake Reservoir Guard
  8. Tank Ring
  9. Tank Bag
  10. Adjustable Gear Shifter Lever
  11. Denali Light Mount
  12. Denali D4 V2 Light Pods – Wiring and Install
  13. Denali S4 Light Pods – Wiring and Install
  14. Upper Crash Bars
  15. Rear Slider Drive Shaft
  16. AERO ABS Pannier System from SW-Motech
  17. Luggage Rack for Top Box
  18. Adapter Plate for Urban ABS Top Case
  19. Urban ABS Top Case

Check out the video linked below to see how we went about installing a wide range of premium motorcycling accessories

onto Mr. Nipun Srivastava’s motorcycle – The Swashbuckler!

CALL – +91 7028122708